Curriculum & Graduation Requirements

measuring_the_earthThe Academy of Earth and Space Science (PANTHER) utilizes the Paterson Public School District approved curriculum which is rigorous, project-based, blended into a digital learning environment using Google Classroom as its platform and rooted in its theme – Earth and Space Science and the STEM disciplines. It is  connected to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and the Career Readiness Standards supplemented by the Institute for Learning instructional tasks while preparing our students for college and career readiness.

As a result, our students are enrolled in all of the required courses necessary to meet or exceed Paterson Public Schools Graduation Requirements (see below), while selecting electives that are focused on tracks related to Earth and Space Science/STEM (see course catalog below).

Academy of Earth and Space Science (PANTHER) Course Catalog

Biology (Lab)*
Chemistry (Lab)*
Environmental Science
Sophomore Research Seminar: Earth Science

Principles of Information Technology
Computer Programming/Coding I
Computer Programming/Coding II 
Graphic Design
Introduction to Engineering**

Algebra I*
Algebra II*
College Level Algebra**
SAT Prep

Social Studies
World History*
US History I*
US History II*
Freshman Research Seminar: Career Explorations

English/Language Arts
English I*
English II*
English III*
English IV*
SAT Prep
Mass Media

Art and Music
Foundations of Art
Music Appreciation

World Languages
Spanish I*
Spanish II*
Spanish III*
English as a Second Language

Health/Physical Education
Physical Education* 
Health I, II, III, IV*
Driver Education

* Indicates that it is a required course for graduation
** Indicates possible Dual Enrollment Course at PCCC or Other Institute of Higher Education for College Credit

To view the Paterson Public Schools curriculum page, please click here.

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