Dress Code/ Cell Phone Policy

Panther_Dude_Panther_Girl_500In order to prepare our students for college and career, The Academy of Earth and Space Science (PANTHER) maintains a strict dress code policy for our students. All students are required to wear a plain navy blue collared shirt or sweatshirt (no hoods) with no writing or images on it. Students may also wear the optional navy blue polo shirt/sweatshirt with the approved school logo printed on the chest.

Students must also wear plain khaki/tan pants (no shorts, dresses or cargo pants permitted). No student is permitted to wear a hat or jacket during school hours except when walking to lunch or physical education class at PCCC.

Students who are not compliant with the school dress code may be sent home and asked to return in proper attire and may have their class readiness/participation grade lowered in each class throughout the day and may not qualify for the end of marking period merit based field trip if they are not compliant.

Students must check with their physical education teachers for information on the required gym uniform and the consequences for not wearing it during class.

In addition to the dress code policy outlined above, all Academy of Earth and Space Science students are expected to adhere to our no  cell phone or other personal electronic device in school policy. We believe that students utilizing cell phones or other personal electronic devices are more distracted and less engaged in learning than using school issued electronic devices. If a student  needs to communicate with their parent, they utilize the phone in the main office. Likewise, if a parent needs to get in touch with a student, they can call the main office and the student will be called down to receive the call. It is therefore recommended that students do not bring cell phones or other personal electronic devices to school. All students are free to leave their cell phone or other personal electronic device with our security team as they enter the building and retrieve them as they exit but the school is not responsible for theft or damage while the cell phone or other personal electronic device is in our possession or on school or PCCC grounds.

We appreciate your support and adherence to both of these important policies.

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