Theme-Based Merit Field Experiences

In addition to regular class visits to our learning partner sites including the Paterson Great Falls National Park and the Passaic County Community College,  all Academy of Earth and Space Science students have an opportunity to earn the right to participate in the following field experiences related to our school’s theme of Earth and Space Science at the conclusion of each marking period if they earn at least a B (3.0)  average in all coursework, have no disciplinary infractions, and have missed fewer than 2 unexcused days of school for the marking period. Additional special merit based course related field experiences and college visits  also occur throughout the year.

Marking Period One – Liberty Science Center, Jersey City , NJ
Marking Period Two – American Museum of Natural History & Hayden Planetarium,  New York, NY
Marking Period Three – The Bronx Zoo, Bronx, NY


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