PARCC Readiness, Testing Dates & Scoring

PARCC_logo_purpleIn accordance with Paterson Public Schools and the State of New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) policy, The Academy of Earth and Space Science (PANTHER) students in grades 9-11  participate in the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) online assessments. This assessment will be offered to our students in a completely online testing environment  during the school days of May 1-10,2017 and can be a part of graduation requirements as per NJDOE policy for students  (please see our graduation requirements page linked above for more info)

In addition, parents can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the PARCC Assessment including sample tests, scoring guides, timelines and a glossary of terms in both spanish and english by clicking here:

In order to effectively prepare our students for PARCC, The Academy of Earth and Space Science (PANTHER) is offering the following tutorials and practice assessments prior to the  PARCC Assessment administration (May 1-10, 2017) in addition to teacher selected Mathematics and English Language Arts class meeting times.

  • Tutorials to Help Students Prepare for PARCC AssessmentThis link provides access to all of the online interactive tutorials currently available for students and teachers to become familiar with the PARCC Assessment environment including the TestNav8 online testing program, the specific tools found in both the English/Language Arts and Mathematics assessments, the equation editor needed to complete the Mathematics assessment and the Text to Speech accommodation options for both English/Language Arts and Mathematics assessments respectively.  In addition, please feel free to view the student created video tutorial of the PARCC Assessment environment below.

  • PARCC Practice AssessmentsThis link provides students access to all of the practice assessments available for English/Language Arts and Mathematics for grades 3-11. Please select the practice assessment most appropriate to your grade level or course level – for example:  Algebra I, Grade 9 English/Language Arts (ELA)

FREE Targeted Online Teaching Resources to Help Students Prepare for the PARCC Assessment 

    • NJ Model Curriculum – The purpose of providing a “model” is to assist districts and schools with implementation of the Common Core State Standards and New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards by providing an example from which to work and/or a product for implementation.  Each unit contains targeted student learning objectives (SLOs) that elucidate what students need to know and be able to do within the unit.  The six-week formative assessments included in the model curriculum help clarify the level of rigor expected from the standards and provide a set of assessment tools that are often difficult for districts and schools to create on their own.
    • NEA’s Better Lesson – This free database of instructional lessons created by master teachers for grades K-12 math and ELA teachers aren’t just the normal lessons; they’re super accessible and classroom-ready. The teachers who created them even share reflections, real-life insight into what worked, what misfired and tips/tricks to successful Common Core implementation. This treasure trove of Common Core knowledge is growing every day. See video overview below to learn how to use BetterLesson to help plan Common Core aligned instruction for your students:

  • LearnZillion – offers a free and growing set of Math and English Language resources for grades 2-12 that have been developed by expert teachers directly from the Common Core State Standards. See video overview below to learn more about how to use LearnZillion with your students.

  • The Institute for Learning (IFL) — Academy of Earth and Space Science (PANTHER) Math and ELA teachers have access to training and instructional resources developed by the Institute for Learning (IFL). These resources are Common Core aligned and prepare students for PARCC Assessments.
  • Achieve The Core — This website is full of free content designed to help educators understand and implement the Common Core State Standards. It includes practical tools designed to help students and teachers see their hard work deliver results. was created in the spirit of collaboration. Please steal these tools and share them with others.
    • Edmodo Common Core Snapshot Quizzes — All Academy of Earth and Space Science (PANTHER) students and teachers have access to the Edmodo social education network. This network provides access to a set of free online automatically scored Common Core quizzes whose questions are formatted similarly and content/skills are aligned to PARCC. Teachers can use the data from the students results to plan instruction for small and large group and remediate students weakest skills by  differentiating assignments. See video overview below for more information on how to use Edmodo Snapshot with your students.


    • Khan Academy Common Core Map and Related Personalized Learning ResourcesKhan Academy offers students and teachers a free personalized adaptive learning system for each grade level/subject area that PARCC Assessments measure providing real-time data on student mastery of skills and content knowledge aligned with the Common Core. See video below for an overview on how Khan Academy can help:

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