Personalized Growth Plans

All Academy of Earth and Space Science (PANTHER) students will have new or updated Personalized Growth Plans (PGP)  each academic year created collaboratively with their guidance counselor and advisor during grade level meetings.

The purpose of the Personalized Growth Plan is to deepen and strengthen the individual learning experience for all students while helping them understand the importance of setting goals for growth and developing and implementing a plan to meet them . Personalized Growth Plans are consistent with the school philosophy of treating students as individuals who are invested in their own learning.

With each student and their advisor and guidance counselor participating in the process, PGPs are reviewed and revised each academic year. For more information on personalized growth plans please click here.

Personalized Growth Plans (PGP) Frequently Asked Questions:

Who has a PGP? All students.
Who is involved in creating the PGP? Student, advisors, guidance counselors
What is the purpose of the PGP? To personalize the educational experience for each student while helping them set and reach achievable and personally relevant educational goals in three areas of growth (Health/Physical, Academic, Social and Emotional).
Where is the PGP stored/accessed?  Naviance.
Who has access? Student, Advisors, Guidance Counselors..
How often is the PGP reviewed? Annually.
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