The Panther Way


At the core of the Academy of Earth and Space Science’s climate and culture is The PANTHER Way. The PANTHER Way  is an easy to understand set of aspirations and expectations developed cooperatively among the whole school community at the beginning of each school year.  It includes the “four R’s” – Respect, Responsibility, Readiness and Relentless pursuit of graduation and college entrance and is reflected in everything we do as a school community. Each student, parent, teacher, staff member and school leader is expected to pledge to “do everything” The PANTHER Way by signing their name to a PANTHER Way poster which is displayed in the school hallway for all to remember.

In addition, when students are involved in conflict with one another, the Academy of Earth and Space Science offers  the opportunity to engage in a peer mediation program based on a modified version of the evidence-based Restorative Justice program. This program allows for students to better understand each other through empathy while repairing the relationship between them in a positive way through the use of peer leaders.

Lastly, the Academy of Earth and Space Science offers students in need access to two peer leadership groups (Building Gentlemen and Building Ladies) where they engage in team building activities, leadership case studies and discussions, life skills development, healthy living and positive confrontation strategies. These two groups meet monthly and are provided opportunities for field experiences related to their focus.

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